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No Room

Eddy Jones



God's  Christmas Tree

Eddy Jones



Santa Claus?

Eddy Jones



December 25th?

Eddy Jones



"Get In The Game"  Part 9

Get Off The Bench

Eddy Jones 11-29-15


"Get In The Game"  Part 8

Stir It Up!

Eddy Jones  11-22-15


"Get In The Game"  Part 7

4 Things We Need To Abandon To Get In The Game Of Serving Jesus

Gary Baker  11-15-15


"Get In The Game"  Part 6

Created For Good Works

Everett Michael 11-8-15


"Get In The Game" Part 5

Everyone Has A Story

Phil LeMaster 11-4-15


"Get In The Game": Part 4

What We Need In Life

To Be Ready To Die?

Phil LeMaster 11-3-15


"Get In The Game":  Part 3

What's Involved In Being Committed To Jesus Christ?

Phil LeMaster  11-2-15


"Get In The Game"  Part 2

How To Forgive Others

Phil LeMaster 11-1-15


"Get In The Game": Part 1


Phil LeMaster 11-1-15


Relational Christianty:  Part 4

Relational  Evangelism

Eddy Jones 10-25-18


Relational Christianity:  Part 3

Getting Along With People

Eddy Jones 10-18-15


Relational Christianity:  Part 2

10 Relational Needs of Jesus

Eddy Jones 10-11-15


Relational Christianity: Part 1

Ministry Jesus Style

Eddy Jones 10-4-15


Relevant Christianity:  Part 4

Relevant Fellowship

Gary Baker 9-27-15


Relevant Christianity:  Part 3

Being Relevant in Modern Times

Eddy Jones 9-20--15


Relevant Christianity: Part 2

A Relevant Ministry Perspective

Eddy Jones 9-13-15


Relevant Christianity: Part 1

The Relevance of Communion

Eddy Jones 9-6-15


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