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About us

We are a fellowship of imperfect people striving to be devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  The Bible is our only authority for faith and living.  We lay no claim to being the only Christians, but we are happy to be Christians "only".  


Our mission is...


Helping Real People Find Real Faith in the Real World!


Like Jesus we seek to help people of all backgrounds so that they come into a closer relationship with Him and those of us who make up His church.


"God's Crazy About You" and so are we!


All who come here should find an open heart and sincere yearning to honor and praise the Lord both in our scheduled services and in our daily lives throughout the week. 


God can do great things in your life.  Let us share with you how God has done great things in our lives. 



Click on the sermon title below to hear our minister talk about salvation and truth!

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