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For more information about each mission, click on the name to be directed to their website.

At Indiana State University, Christian Student Fellowship is a place for        students to find community and to  grow in their relationship with Jesus. 

MISSION: To provide opportunities for churches, individuals, families, and

communities to establish and

strengthen their relationship

with Christ.

Campus House is a non-denominational church community in the heart of Purdue’s campus. Their goal is to reach out to campus and community to show the grace and truth of Christ..

Gijapa is able to spread the Gospel by broadcasting sermons to hundreds of thousands of people in nations throughout the world.

Providing help and hope to a hurting world. IDES exists to help the physical and spiritual needs of suffering   people throughout the world in the name of  Jesus Christ.

MISSION: Lincoln Christian University is a

Christian higher education community whose mission is to nurture and equip Christians with a Biblical worldview to serve and lead in the church and the world.

NCEF is a collaborative effort of Christian Churches that gives encouragement and financial assistance to new congregations  primarily in Indiana and Illinois. Since NCEF was established in 1961.

New Church Evangelizing Fellowship

The TCM International Institute

develops Christian leaders through higher

learning. With influence in over 40 countries, they are reaching the world by preparing nationals to reach their own people

The vision for T.T.L. is to reach the             unreached for Christ in word and deed in Northern Ghana, Togo and beyond.  They help facilitate church planting by training, church planters, financially supporting them, and by facilitating projects.

Zimbabwe Outreach Ministries is a  Christ-centered ministry that strives to give empowerment and ownership to the people of Zimbabwe so they may    develop vision and create ministries that spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nationals are trained in ministry so that they can reach their own people better than foreigners.


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